Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Toast to the New Year

Or several.

Life Drawing - Wonderland

Life drawing - our model picked an alice in wonderland theme and I tried taking a more graphic approach to it.

Life Drawings - Dancers

My favorite session!

Film Teaser

A faux film still of the film that I was developing for the first half of this school year--I wanted to dive into something more personal this year, and I ended up starting a film about family relationships. I also wanted to experiment with a different style this time--I'm a fan of mid-century modern art and commercial designs (I really enjoy the UPA cartoon style, as well as designs from artists like Tom Oreb and Al Hirschfeld), and I especially wanted to draw on that for inspiration when designing my backgrounds and characters (though, whenever I begin to sketch them, I can feel myself trying to slip back into the way of drawing I'm more comfortable with) Got a long way to go!

Layout Class Work

Some of my assignments for Dan Hansen's layout classsss!